I just want a girl to sit on my face, eat mac n cheese with, and watch star wars. Is that to much to ask?

My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You
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My Chemical Romance | The Ghost of You

There alot of things ive always wanted and i hate that they probably wont happen or atleast happen soon.

I want start and band and tour
Be in a job i can actually be happy with
Live with my friends and not have tow worry about rent and if im gonna be able to get gas/food
I want to find the person i want to spend the rest of my life with
Try again with someone who could have been that
Get married
Have kids
Grow old
And die.
Why cant i just have them(except die and grow old) just thinking about the future makes me happy but it promptly makes me miserable because i know most of things wont happen(except dying..i know that will happen someday)

How have you never gotten a cell phone or atleast used one before?

Its 2012…how do you know nothing about anything

Why does my ex need to be such a babe.

Fuck you for being attractive! Go live in like a hole or something so you dont have to remind me of how much i miss you.

Edit: now that i think about it its not a whole lot. I like someone and when i remembered that it instantly went away… Maybe ive made some progress

Its safe to say that i dont really want to be here right now
I miss her so much.

Whenever i find myself alone shes the only thing on my mind. Im probably not even on hers. I try to distract myself from this but it never works, the thought of her always comes back to haunt me.

Just dropped my ipad on my face -_-
These are my friends, I have their backs. They are the closest thing to blood that I have.
I will not let you tear me down,

I am stronger than you thought

and i will bring you down

when you are up, expect me to be there to bring you down 

the rules have been changed, I am downfall