Ignorance towards genres of music that arent part of your musical tastes really piss me off.

You cant just spew your judgemental and assuming crap about music just because you dont like it. And if you are going to talk about it like you have some kind of knowledge on the subject, then you should actually know something about it or do some research. I am more than willing to accept everyones musical tastes and I respectfully will converse about music with you, but as soon as someone starts in on how what I or someone else listens too “isnt music” I will fight to defend it. Its taken a long time for me to understand this and it pisses me off to think that someone can blissfully sit there and say something isnt music just because their ears dont appreciate it.

Saw a commercial for cougarlife.com so i decided to google it cause it sounds so ridiculous and…

Found like a million forums saying its a scam. Obviously you retards. Do you think its that easy to get a hot older woman? No, no its not.

Eventually ill find that person who can put up with me and care about me. It would just be easier if they found me first.

And life goes on.
The acacia strain makes my driving experience more enjoyable.

Let’s make this right!


Let’s make this right!


all i want in life is burritos.

So true
Why does my ex need to be such a babe.

Fuck you for being attractive! Go live in like a hole or something so you dont have to remind me of how much i miss you.

Edit: now that i think about it its not a whole lot. I like someone and when i remembered that it instantly went away… Maybe ive made some progress